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About us

My name is Ali , and I have been working with tours and tourists in Morocco for several years. I come from a family of Berbers who live near Merzouga. Our tribe has lived in the desert regions of southern Morocco around and near Merzouga for centuries,experiences we have gained a special understanding along with respect for the fragile ecology and the harsh conditions that characterize life in the dunes of the Sahara.

I started 3 days Marrakech to fes in order to share our way of life, my home,and our long and unique traditions with guests and travelers. So I invite you to experience a new adventure: stay in a nomad tent in the middle of the desert, under a sky full of stars, surrounded by silence. Together we will explore the scenery, natural, and significant history of Morocco and its people. The part of my job is meeting and spending time with people from other cultures and countries, sharing traditions and experiences over a glass of Berber tea with fresh mint. I hope to see you soon and to create a special experience for you.

Tosca is a former Peace Corps volunteer from the U.S.who has lived, worked, and traveled extensively in Morocco & who answers emails and enquiries. She speaks English, French, Italian and Arabic and will help you plan your trip with her knowledge of Morocco.